Progressive Web App

The challenge

A lot of small errands are buzzing around in our heads every day. Long-term goals and significant activities often get lost in the torrent. Reflection, prioritization, and an uncluttered overview help to manage tasks.

JavaScript with Vue.js

Mobile Web Development
Experience Design
Interface Design
How can digital products help us to build new habits & to focus on significant tasks?

The change

Rhythm is a to-do app with a minimal interface design. The reduction to basic functionality and styling intends to be less distracting. That reduces screen time and makes it easier to focus. Reflection tools help to learn to prioritize what is really important. So users don't rely too much on the product.

Prioritise to-do's

Rhythm promotes reflection about the individual significance of a task. In the add modal, a selection dropdown menu offers the option to divide tasks into three categories: "important", "habit", and "not-to-do".
Important tasks
Tasks categorized as "important" appear together. Additionally, sorting them into individual projects can help to keep an overview.
When creating a task, motivation can be added. Each time the task is called up, this short phrase appears. This keeps the motivation up and increases the probability of sticking to new habits.
Some tasks are neither urgent nor important. To get them out of our heads, we can save them in a "not-to-do-list".
A progressive web app with a minimal UI that supports prioritising tasks.

Progressive Web App

Rhythm is a Progressive Web App. A PWA is a Website that works basically like a usual native App. It's possible to use it as a website online in your browser or offline on a tablet, mobile PC, or Mac.
Atomic design
The components follow atomic design principles.
Simple flow
The functionality is reduced to main features. Tasks can be added, edited, and sorted into categories and projects. Additionally, there is time-tracking to compare the time needed with the time calculated when adding the tasks and a settings screen.
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